Month 1 & our house move

That first month consisted of no sleep, crying uncontrollably, feeling so helpless and responsible for causing this to my boy. Grieving.

True friends started to show, whether a call, many texts, dragging me for a drink, listening, trying to understand. Thank you.

I honestly don’t know how we got through this month, if I can liken any thing to hell I reckon this is close.

We had been looking at bigger houses in our village for about 6 months before we saw one that we felt would suit us. This was us as a ‘normal’ family of 4 wanting to expand again. This was not us as a family with a disabled child.

We found a house with 3 large bedrooms, ready to move in, but potential to expand. Great!

Offer in and finally accepted … Glass of prosecco to celebrate.

This all took place in about October 2015.

You know these things, they take a while, even with a short chain. 2 of our buyers pulled out then eventually we had one confirmed.

Move date was going to be the end of January 2016 – thank goodness it didn’t fall then near D Day of 28th January.

We eventually moved at the end of February 2016 – but what a crazy 10 days we had leading up to that! On top of our already head spinning month!

Matt ended up being forced (by me) to go to the doctor after he felt a bit ill, then very ill, then coughing up blood. I took the kids on a play date – had a call – he’s got pneumonia.

So, I left the play date in tears, again, and drove home to meet him, got my mum to look after William. Me, Matt and Phoebe (still breastfeeding her) went to a&e.

He was finally given a bed in the AMU with the over 80s. Quite a few hours later and with a baby asleep in the pram I could go home! 2 days of tooing and froing to hospital and basing myself at my parents (didn’t want the kids to see daddy like that).

Finally he could come home on the Friday! He was told he must rest for 7 days totally and no exertion for 6 weeks!

Moving day – 7 days later.

Thankfully I had booked a fab removal company to pack and move us. Still lots to do, but with Matt unable to do anything, it was needed. Seamless move, babysitting from grandparents and help from my brother.

A new house, the start of a new life, happy for that, but not quite the life we planned. This house will evolve with us in more ways than we could imagine.

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