Community paediatrician

Visit to QEII on Thursday 27th June. Mum luckily is free to entertain Phoebe but also William, I don’t want him listening to all the conversation – he’s too intelligent and he doesn’t need to hear it all, yet.

Luckily, she tells me what her role is – I had no idea we just got another letter so went to another appointment.

I had to relay our past 6 months trials and tribulations….again! Getting a little good at it now, but also a little fed up of having to do it.

So to sum it up – she’s my/William’s link between school, health, home, Physio and OT.

Couple of hours later with only a little need to physically prod around my boy and we were out of there.

Referrals to be done – more letters we’ll get.

She was so professional, so efficient and just what I needed. We had letters and referrals from her within a week of the appointment.

It sounds an odd thing to say to a professional but – Thank you for being so helpful.

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