I write about this and my feelings in all of my blogs however it has to be noted that there are two types of friends/people around when such a shocking experience happens to you….

Some have just been amazing, contacting me more than they would usually from the beginning; making time to see me – on my own and with the family; letting me escape my world; showing love and support to my boy; old friends re-contacting me out of the blue – this type of news clearly rocks many near and far. ‘New’ friends showing their support outside the school gates, within our community – really means so much.

Some however have retreated – little contact and no support. To be honest I have little time for it all, but am hurt and thoroughly shocked by it none the less. Something which clearly has/is still hurting me as I raised it in my counselling recently.


I think it’s some peoples way of showing they care, wanting to do something – I understand that. Myself and Matt are grateful for all the support in this way so far, but it’s also hard for me as it is a constant reminder of quite how crap this all is really! However…never never stop please!


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