Nursery teacher visit 6/9/16 at home

Mrs F and Mrs .M. Came to visit for half hour one morning. William is so excited to start school and was so keen to meet his teachers. They got special treatment as he wore his storm trooper outfit especially. Many questions asked but in a nice way and I wasn’t made to feel like them having him was going to be a burden. And it shouldn’t – he’s amazing!

Williams 1st day at Codicote nursery.

He loved it and enjoyed the whole week. A photo of him and Amber was given as a keepsake – I’ve framed.

The 1st month

I have been feeling odd about w having ok days at nursery, but also a little bit of telling offs – but as Matt says it means he’s settling in!

Replacing ‘poo poo’ for the words of every song; peeing in the castle outside on purpose; rolling around at carpet time and sitting on the naughty chair! Nothing major at all…What I still find is though – is he ok? Is it his condition? If he’s upset I’m upset……

Hard to explain to those with normal healthy kids. Always will be.

The 2nd month

He is loving it! Settled in so well. No more telling off (that I know of). Happy to sit in assembly. Happy in PE lessons. Happy, happy boy – which makes me a very happy & proud mummy.

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