Totally overwhelmed

The way I feel cannot be described with one word – the support we have been shown since launching Defending William Against Duchenne is just overwhelming.

I’ll be honest I was so scared to launch us as a ’cause’ and what people’s perceptions would be. I know everyone has bills to pay, life can be tough and sometimes it’s hard to see what is happening beyond your own four walls.

Well, my fears have been well and truly stamped away. We have been shown so, so much support – more than I could have imagined. So many different fundraisers being planned, donations being made.

Totally amazing!

I feel so supported, so loved and so warm about how people want to help my little boy as much as I do.

I don’t feel so alone anymore.

I’ll be honest, although we have had support from some of those you’d expect, these turn of events in a life also cause some close to do a runner! Nothing I’ll ever be able to explain or understand.

Well, I have been shown that the community supporting us is enormous and amazing and I love you all like you were my/our extended family.

Please don’t stop, we need you every day.



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