Today I am a very proud mummy of two amazing kiddies. Aren’t we all, I know, but I’ll take this one a bit further.

Exactly this time last year I attended a parents evening (on my own) that left me crying, desperate and struggling to know if my son would survive at school.

One year on .. I completed and successfully got William’s EHCP approved & subsequently full time 1-1 support with the amazing help of the school.

The results are just amazing and me and Matt could not be prouder of our boy. He has to overcome so so much to just live a normal day, a normal life. And, he has shown it is possible. His teachers completely ‘get him’, they push him, they have been rewarded this term with amazing results. We are so grateful of you, his teachers, but also so thankful that our son has the most amazing attitude.

He now wants to learn. He now wants to strive. He is showing everyone just what a clever little boy he really is.

Not only did we have an amazing parents evening for William, but we got to see his first class assembly this morning too. Me, Daddy & Granny were super super proud – he read his lines, did everything right and looked like any other ‘regular’ kid with a huge smile on his face: we love you my boy.

Not only did we attend William’s parents evening but also our gorgeous Phoebe’s too. This little girl is outstanding, she understands her brother like no one else. She lives a life of inclusion. She lives a life like no other peer. Who else turns around to mummy and says ‘I want to be a doctor to help people get better’ – only a 3 year old who’s life has been in hospitals with her brother. Always judging each waiting room by the toys they have!

Her parents evening showed us her pure love for learning, her leadership, her inclusion and her lust for life.

I could not be more proud of my blonde bombshell and my right hand girl.

So, tonight, I couldn’t be bothered to pack for our mini trip to Norfolk tomorrow. Instead I raised a glass of bubbly to my kiddies, but also to me and my hubby for what we have produced – two totally amazing and polar opposite monkeys.

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