Running through January

I’ve just done my first run of the new year now the kids are back to school. I’ve not run for a couple of months and that is largely down to the fact that I have allowed other things to take priority.

Not any more.

That telephone call can wait; that email can wait; that food shop can wait, other people’s horrible behaviour controlling my brain can wait ….. until I’ve had some me time and exercise.

I have felt sluggish and tired, and that’s what happens when I don’t exercise. I’ve put on a bit of weight and it just feels blurgh!!

The final straw is that it is January, and I hate January. Not for the reasons you all hate it, but because it is a very emotional month for me. It is the month of William’s birthday and also DMD diagnosis day.

This morning I got angry with him – for being him and getting emotional about everything his sister was doing, which can be so draining but I know is linked to DMD behaviour – and I just got so upset that I shouted that I started my day by crying in the kitchen. This is what my January is like, last year was the same, and it looks like this year will be too.

At least by taking charge a little and going for my run, I’ll keep one element of strength going.

So, if I don’t reply to your message, text, email etc then now you know why and don’t take it personally, but this mum’s trying to keep sane and have a smile on her face for her month of dread.

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