A new year

It’s now 2017 and it is a new year. It won’t be a ‘new me’, as I have already become a new person in the last 11 months whether I like it or not.

I won’t make any new year resolutions but, will say, that I am so lucky to have wonderful, thoughtful and dependable people in my life. I have learnt that I focus on those that focus on me – and not give a thought to those that don’t, something I used to find very hard.

My life is a different one, I have accepted that, not that it makes it any easier. I have no crystal ball to see into the future, however, know that it will be different than I had thought a year ago, and not the ‘norm’. We will, as a family, make it great and one to remember for all the right reasons.

My rock, Matt, has understood my thoughts, emotions and outcries so well over the last year – I don’t think every relationship could withstand what we have been through – but we have, and we will.

Looking forward to the future….


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