Well that was overwhelming….

I decided back in November 2016 after attending the Action Duchenne Conference with Matt that the time was right for me to start my journey on confronting DMD. So, as it happened, an advert came through my email asking for new trustees to apply to Action Duchenne.

Well, I’ve experience of being a chair of a charity, have worked with many charity or non for profit associations before and thought, what the heck – maybe this is a sign. I’m ready and they’re asking for help.

So, I applied – CV and email – not done that in a while! Had a couple of issues getting it though but got there in the end. Probably a month or so later had a call from a current trustee to have a chat, all very nice and positive.

Official email not long before Christmas that they would like me to become a trustee – this shit just got real! Was very proud and told Matt who gave me a big hug and bigged me up as only he can do.

It was announced on Facebook and Twitter on 5th January and well, the amount of support and kind messages I’ve received has been overwhelming.

The way people have perceived me and my actions is just unfathomable – I’m just a mum of a boy with Duchenne who wants to help and wants to help.

Anyway, had to share this as a treasured memory and hopefully positive start to 2017!

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