Another new year…

I am coping with lots of life better, but I am also now finding other things hard. We are about to launch William’s charity and try to do our big build. It’s just so frustrating when money gets in the way of your life and the happiness of your child.

Blue Badge: Yep! Had to apply for one of those bad boys! Got accepted and now we have it I’m scared to use it! I will though to save my boys legs and the excess walking! Cannot wait for the first confrontation from a uneducated sort!!

Swimming lessons continue with Jackie – such a fab lady and now William swims on his front and back with a woggle on his own! So, so lovely. Oh and he’s got a best mate Henry too! Cheeky pair! So lovely to see.

Stress – yep I get that a lot! My mind works overtime too. So if you’re a friend, just act like one all the time, people like me have no time for half conversations, sometimes texting/sometimes not!

Don’t feel like you have to be my friend because of William’s diagnosis either, only do so if you want to! Love the ones I have.

We’ll get there! We have to!

#findacure #savemyboy

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