1st term in reception

William started in Reception class in September 2017 and completed his first term – certainly not without hiccups and tears (from me), but he is being so well supported I cannot ask for more.

The school are just so great – it has taken them a while to get to know Duchenne, William and all his little ways – but now they know what ‘Duchenne’ is and what is just a little 4 year old boy, things are progressing really well.

I mean, he’s not up there with his peers academically and he needs a new chair, non-slip mat for drawing, his own box of learning, help at lunchtime carrying his tray, a specific rest time after lunch, an afternoon snack – to name a few, but other than that he’s a ‘normal’ happy little boy!

I have completed his EHCP – which took forever and was so so long – but then I am quite anal too! So, it was nice that the lady at Hertfordshire CC telephoned me and said how thorough it was and not to complete the form she was going to send me in the post!

We had 6 experts assess William and give reports for the plan as well as all the medical reports! Phew, now just a 20 week process to see if it passes!!

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