Hospital move

So we moved hospitals and William’s care in August 2017.

Many reasons, but we wanted our child treated like an individual. We did not want to be told he should start steroids ‘because all boys between 4-5 years are now given them’. When you ask why and the answer is ‘because that’s what we now do’, its leaves you at ill ease. Steroids apart I don’t appreciate going to the ‘big’ appointments every 6 months and not seeing the consultant named on the letter, but a registrar. I wouldn’t have minded but when I am sat again regaling William’s diagnosis, his past etc etc to this doctor I feel sick and angry. You should know my son, he was diagnosed here over a year ago. Matt gets angry and demands we see the consultant. It’s just not what we need, we are strong parents and we couldn’t handle it. 

Anyway, quite a few appointments down the line and we are now very happy with the personalised care and attention we/William gets from Addenbrookes.

William is so thoroughly seen – this past school term he had 8 doctor or hospital appointments referred by Addenbrookes, which I know seems a lot, but its just so reassuring he is now on the lists of the sleep clinic, respiratory physio, cardiology and all the other regular ones!

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