It just doesn’t go away

So I’m sitting at home on a Sunday evening writing my boys Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) to send to the school as a first draft. Not only is this all mad and loads of work but it is making me write my boys future: what can’t he do now: what won’t he be able to do later …… it breaks my heart.

Not only that but we’ve got planning permission in for our extension. 2 story to include wet room, lift and room big enough for our boy who’ll probably never move out……anyone else have to do that? No!

I’m so anxious about it, when you get to where I am you can’t help but feel negative about EVERYTHING.

I have NO good luck.

I feel like my life is one downward spiral and it sucks big time.

Therefore I’m writing this hoping, just hoping that we get lucky and get the permission to build…..please.

Fight the fight to save our boys

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