There is overwhelmed, then there is me right now

As many of you know our Big Build started nearly six weeks ago now. We have done so much to enable us to get to the start point, just to be able to say ‘Yes let’s do it’. Not just the saving, but the amount of meetings with advisors, builders, architects… just to make sure we have every disability box ticked with it still looking like our home. [I’m sure there are some we’ve missed but I’m more than happy for now!]

Prior to the build I had some discussions with people about possible help with the build, but obviously uncertain what level of help they could provide until it all started.

The first is our builder Tim, I have never known someone to take something on with his heart and soul to the degree that he has. Without him this build would not have started. Full stop.

Since we have started we have had amazing support from Tim’s suppliers and contacts – they hear our story and want to help.

Because our story is not new to me now, I forget sometimes just how much it rocks others, and that does bring it back home.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t gotten over my little boys diagnosis, and believe me it really is awful and he has such a hard life compared to others his age. But his smile, I’ve said before, that makes it all ok, for now.

He, his story and his build has taken on a new level.

We have the support of Kier Construction Ltd, through a surprise proposal from Helen who lives in our village. Well, it has snowballed. Darren has got behind our cause and is speaking to every contact he knows – and no one is saying ‘No’. He has totally taken this project to heart and is putting his all into it. My last telephone call with him made me cry – in a good, overwhelmed way.

What they maybe don’t understand is that, yes this is helping us financially, which is major. But, all the work they are putting in is helping me too, it’s saving me lots of telephone calls and time. It’s saving me stress – and for a duchenne mummy I cannot explain how much that means. It’s totally amazing.

When asked if I mind them sharing William’s story and our build – my answer is always ‘No’. I want people to not only know my amazing little boy, but know the awful life limiting condition he lives with. The condition that would make an adult give up – but DMD boys just don’t do that. William does everything with so much gut, so much determination, so much heart. I am proud of him every day.

If more people are heartened by his little cheeky smile, and made aware of Duchenne, then part of my job as a #DuchenneMummy is done.

To all of you who have supported and are supporting us, I’m overwhelmed, I’m happy and I’m so excited about our build.

Thank you all




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