You’re wearing Jeans because THEIR Genes need YOU!

It’s fun BUT it is for a cause..

Please educate your children as to why they are wearing jeans/non-uniform today.
Please donate that pound.

You’re doing it to help raise vital funds for children with genetic disorders – like William.

He needs a cure, he needs your help.
You don’t know if your child will get that awful, fateful diagnosis. You cannot control the genes of your babies before they are born if it is all unknown.

It’s out of your hands. It’s terrifying. It’s life changing.

I was reading some of my old blog last night about our genetic diagnosis journey. One thing that struck me was that it was like I was reading someone else’s words; like it was a story or a novel. I was weeping and then I read the final line which said:

Why bother? I’m just not worth it. It’s in me so why bother.

This crushed me to hear. My words. My thoughts at that time.

So dark.

So helpless.

So alone.

What hurts more is that 5 months later we were told I was misdiagnosed and was not a carrier. By then, it was too late and irreparable, my life had been changed forever. The guilt stuck.

So wear your jeans, but donate to help us cure his genes. Donate to help make lives like his better.

Find a cure for my boy before it is too late.

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