The hoist. The sling. Our hammock

So this happened earlier this week. Another huge step for us as a family and another bleak reminder of what Duchenne is doing to our precious little boy.

As he cannot climb into the bath (and never has been able to) part of our adaptations on the house last year included planning a hoist system for the family wet room. Once the sling had arrived we booked for the Occupational Therapist to come and show us how to use it safely.

William is all smiles, laughs and happy in this video – he never sees the negatives in things and god, does he give us the strength to go on. 💪🏻

Through the smiles and the family ‘fun’ there is a huge lump in my throat knowing that this is our reality.

It’s not a game.

My son cannot climb in or out of a bath.

It’s another sledgehammer of emotion.

This is why we are raising money to try and find a cure for my brave, gorgeous, amazing boy. Things aren’t going to get better without intervention and a cure.

I went on another run this morning, in the rain and mud. I was tired & heavy legged and wasn’t sure I could continue. But, I thought of William earlier this week in that sling, of the fact that he cannot and never has been able to run. So I kicked myself in the arse and carried on!

If you would like to help us raise much needed funds for research & give yourself a reason to go running or cycling in the rain during November please join our Strava Team: & donate minimum £10 entry for our November challenge to

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