Some people do some people don’t ….get it!

Some people are never there physically but are so supportive remotely it’s like they are there by my side every day. I’ve some amazing ones that I hardly or never see …. But you’re there in more than a text form or a facebook ‘like’.

Some people need to understand that an odd text, or Facebook post doesn’t tick the box in my life now. You’ve got to understand that when someone goes through what I have things change! You change! An odd message when you’re supposed to be a good friend just doesn’t tell me you’re there! It tells me you’re busy and ‘oh best text Jo’. How about you call me or better so, we go out and chat!?!

I know others have shit in their lives, and I’ve always been there for those closest. Just remember that shit time you had, and remember that’s me ….. every day.

I can’t explain it and I’ve said it before – but it’s the MOST painful daily thing I’ve ever been though and continue to go through.

So thank you to those of you that are there daily, weekly, monthly and remotely – I love you all and appreciate you too. It is times like this when true friends really become your family 😘

Now let’s fight the fight and find a cure

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